My blogging passion launched back in 2016 when I left Dubai and was residing in Canada. Waiting what seemed like forever for my work visa to process, I wanted to keep myself busy and motivated, so blogging did just that! I decided to blog about fashion, fitness, travel & nutrition, being a huge advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Also resturants, beauty products, anything I was passionate about and things I knew other people would love too. I then started travelling a lot more and focused more on the photo side of blogging, building up my Instagram following and exploring different cities with my camera. I have decided to start a new blog this year to document all of my upcoming travels, reviews, events I’ll be attending, and collaborations with some great companies. I'm now back living in London, very eager to see what this year holds!

I am currently a Luxuria Lifestyle VIP International brand ambassador

In partnership I will be reviewing luxury products and services. www.luxurialifestyle.com

Please keep in touch and follow me on Instagram @jessicadynevor I'd love to hear from you!

For collaborations, please email me at jessicadynevor1@gmail.com 


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Weekend away at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. 

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